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  • Very rare German Luftwaffe double decal M35 helmet late war over painted black camouflage,battle damaged recovered from in the Woods overlooking Bras near Bastogne,the Ardennes 1944-1945

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    This is a ultra rare helmet that i have only had one before German Soldiers M35 steel helmet which is clear to see double decal but has been over painted by the solider themselves late war camouflage when they realised that the decals stood out as a target for enemy snipers.It still has some light blue paintwork fairly clear to see on the outside mostly and it has been very well cleaned to make the paintwork stand out as does the black paintwork that has gone over the decals it does not have any leather liner at all but these are very rare to find and in such good condition with the amount of paintwork in there own right and having both decals still partly clear to see it is rusty with one large blast crack and hole in the top and back of it from the impact of an explosion also has some dents as well it is overall in a good and solid condition not braking up or falling apart at all and is perfect for display or any collection.The helmet is possibly a fallschirmjager soldiers helmet but there were other Luftwaffe troops in the woods as well so it could have belonged to one of them know way of knowing for sure .This helmet was recovered from in the Woods overlooking the village of Bras near Bastogne where they occupied by the Fallschirmjager during the fighting in the Ardennes Forest from the Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944-1945 on the Belgium-German Border.A very nice and rare relic which was found many years ago and has been in a private collection for many years available for the first time since the war outside Belgium.


    On January 14th 1945 in the village of Bras a historic meeting took place when the American forces linked up with the British forces and drove the Germans back in to Germany. Below the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders from Scotland shook hands with representatives of the U.S. 87th Infantry Division in Bras on that day.

    Sous Officier de la Luftwaffe Ardennes 44 armé d'une carabine M1 ...