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  • Very Rare German 10.5cm LEFH 18M field howitzer ammunition case with sand camouflage paintwork+shell case,nice relic condition recovered from Monte Cassino Italian battlefield of 1944 from a local museum which closed down in 2015

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    This is a rare find from the battlefield a German 10.5cm LEFH 18M field howitzer ammunition case with a shell case for the gun as well.This gun was not made in massive numbers and this case carried the extra large shell that gun fired for the increased range that this gun was designed for. The box is near complete it does have some rust holes and damage but mostly at one end the same end the lid has rusted solid and does not open it is in lovely condition for a relic still solid it has some of its sand colour camouflage paintwork very clear to see mostly on the lids at either end the lid on the other end the hinge is still working fine and the lid opens and closes but the lock is missing and it still has its carry handles and on the inside it still has the shell holder racking in place there is a 10.5cm shell case that came with the box in relic condition steel made with some of its original markings dated 1942 it does not go back in the box properly but might be made to with some work.Both items have been very nicely cleaned and is perfect to display and so very rare to find from the battlefield full stop but in this condition and from this particular battlefield very very rare.The box was recovered from Monte Cassino the Italian battlefield of 1944 the box was recovered many years ago and has been in a local museum since which closed down in 2015.A very nice relic from the very famous Italian battlefield.The box comes with a A5 laminated information card.

    It was an improved version of the 10.5cm leFH 18 howitzer that offered superior range.The gun was developed by Rheinmetall after the war broke out in an effort to get more range from the basic leFH 18 design. The new FH Gr Fern long-range shell was about 25 millimetres (0.98 in) longer than the normal shells used by the leFH 18 guns but had a shorter streamlined section behind the driving band to accommodate the larger powder charge required. This fit in the standard cartridge case


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