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  • Fuel Tank section from Russian Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik shot down and crashed around the village of Plota, south of Prokhorovka during the battle of Kursk in 1943

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    This is a section of aluminium made fuel tank Russian Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik shot down and crashed in July 1943.The part still retains its original colour it has slightly bent up by the impact of the crash also has some dirt and muck attached from the recovery the tank was recovered from near the village Plota which is south of Prokhorovka ware the main tank battle was on the 12th July 1943.It was recovered from the site of a Sturmovik shot down and crashed during the battle which was Kursk the largest Tank battle of the war and the last great German offensive of the war in the East in Russia .The fuel tank comes with a laminated A5 information sheet with information and photos.

    During the fighting at Kursk suggest that very few of German armour losses were caused by the IL-2 or any other Soviet aircraft. In fact, total German tank losses in Operation Citadel amounted to 323 totally destroyed, the vast majority to anti-tank guns and armored fighting vehicles. In addition, it is difficult to find any first-hand accounts by German panzer crews on the Eastern Front describing anything more than the occasional loss to direct air attack. The vast majority, around 95%–98%, of tank losses are due to enemy anti-tank guns, tanks, mines, artillery, and infantry assault, or simply abandoned as operational losses like mostly happened during the last eleven months of the war.During the Battle of Kursk, VVS Il-2s claimed the destruction of no less than 270 tanks (and 2,000 men) in a period of just two hours against the 3rd Panzer Division. On 1 July, however, the 3rd Panzer Division's 6th Panzer Regiment had just 90 tanks, 180 less than claimed as destroyed. On 11 July (well after the battle), the 3rd Panzer Division still had 41 operational tanks. The 3rd Panzer Division continued fighting throughout July, mostly with 48th Panzer Corps. It did not record any extraordinary losses to air attack throughout this period. As with the other panzer divisions at Kursk, the large majority of the 3rd Panzer Division’s tank losses were due to Soviet anti-tank guns and tanks.

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