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  • Rare to find Russian 76mm M1902 field gun dated 1905 battle damaged brass shell case recovered from Lutsk in the Ukraine from the Russian Brusilov offensive of summer 1916

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    This is a Rare to find brass shell case used by Russian 76mm M1902 field gun. The case is complete but with some damage around the neck from being fired but also has a impact hole right though it clear battle damage it does not retain its shiny original brass colour it has discoloured from being buried it still has some of its stamps and markings on the bottom including the date 1905 not very clear to see it is in very nice condition for a battlefield recovered case. The shell case was recovered from Lutsk in the Ukraine from the Russian Brusilov offensive of summer 1916.A very nice relic from this famous Eastern front battlefield.

    Brusilov Offensive, Brusilov Offensive, (4 June–10 August 1916), the largest Russian assault during World war 1 and one of the deadliest in history. At last the Russians had a capable commander, General Aleksey Brusilov, and in this offensive, he inflicted a defeat on Austro-Hungarian forces from which their empire never recovered. It came, however, at a heavy price in terms of casualties, and Russia lacked the resources to exploit or repeat this success. The blow, when it fell on 4 June, appalled the Austrians who were unable to believe the Russians capable of such a massive and accurate assault. Russian shock troops led attacks that broke the Austrian lines on the first day. Soon the Austrians collapsed, and many Slav units, who had no love for their Hapsburg rulers, deserted en masse. So many Austrian guns were captured that Russian factories were converted to manufacture shells for them.As Russian forces pushed into the Carpathian Mountains, it appeared Austria-Hungary would collapse, and the emperor was forced to beg for German help. Russian commanders in the north did not maintain the pressure on the Germans that Brusilov expected, so the Germans were able to send assistance that stabilized the front. However, the blow to Hapsburg prestige was irreversible, especially among the Slav minorities, and Germany was forced to divert critical forces from the Western Front to the East.

    Losses: Russian, 500,000–1,000,000 dead, wounded, or captured; Central Powers, some 1.5 million casualties (Austrian, 1,000,000–1,500,000 dead, wounded, or captured; German, 350,000 casualties; Ottoman, 12,000 casualties.

    3-inch M1902 field gun - Wikipedia