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  • Very rare Russian 1891 dragoon cavalry rifle nice solid relic well cleaned recovered from 1914-1915, siege of Przemyśl the longest siege in World War 1

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    This is a Very rare Russian 1891 dragoon cavalry rifle these are not that common to find from the battlefield. The rifle is a bit pitted and rusty but it has been so well cleaned it is deactivated by condition obviously not complete with the trigger r but has no bolt the rifle is de activated by condition no moving parts and blocked barrel. The rifle is in very good condition for a relic as it was found many years ago it has been very nicely cleaned and is in very solid condition and a rare one for the collection perfect for display. The rifle was recovered from the battlefield of 1914-1915 around the siege of Przemyśl which was the longest siege in World War 1.

    The siege of Przemyśl was the longest siege in Europe during the first worl war The siege was a crushing defeat for the Autro Hungarian Army against the Russian Army. Przemysl was a fortress-town and stronghold on the river San in what is now southeastern Poland. The siege of Przemyśl began on 16 September 1914 and was briefly suspended on 11 October, due to an Austro-Hungarian offensive. The siege resumed again on 9 November and the Austro-Hungarian garrison surrendered on 22 March 1915, after holding out for a total of 133 days. By the end of October 1914 the German and Austro-Hungarian armies were retreating west after their reversals in the Battle of the Vistula River. On 4 November, civilians were ordered to leave Przemyśl. On 10 November, the second siege started. The Russian 11th Army surrounded the Town trapping the German and Autro Hungarian troops until the 22nd March 1915, when the remaining troops left in the garrison of 117,000 German and Autro Hungarian soldiers surrendered to the Russians. Among the captured were nine generals, ninety-three senior staff officers and 2,500 other officers.

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