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  • Very rare fantastic condition large engine magneto with many part numbers and maker markings from RAF Lancaster bomber mark 3 number PB563 shot down on the 5-6 March 1945 on a raid over Chemnitz in Saxony,Germany

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    This is a fantastic condition and very rare complete Internal engine magneto.This electrical part which has part many part numbers and maker markings all very clear to see it is a nice clean part with all of its original colours and has all of its internal parts and is a large lump from inside the Merlin engine on this famous bomber.The engine part which has smashed at one end from the impact of the crash but it is in lovely clean condition it is perfect for display or any collection and is 10 inches long by 7 inches wide. This engine part was recovered from RAF Lancaster bomber mark 3 number PB563 shot down on the 5-6 March 1945 on a raid over Chemnitz . This is a very nice relic from the famous Lancaster bomber and comes with 2x A5 laminated information sheets.

    RAF Lancaster mark 3 number PB563 of Number 103 Squadron which was on a bombing raid on the City of Chemnitz in Saxony on the night of the 5th- 6th March 1945 it was shot down by German ju88 night fighter and crashed into woods East of Konigerade in Germany.

    103 Squadron detailed 14 aircraft for this attack on Chemnitz. All took off in poor weather of low cloud and drizzle. F/O Ross returned early with an unserviceable engine. On arrival in the target area, it was found to be covered in 10/10ths cloud with tops around 11000 ft. On instructions from the Master Bomber all crews bombed the Wanganui flares. These were however very scattered, and it was feared the attack was inaccurate and poor, but cloud prevented any accurate observation. Bombing took place from between 15000 ft to 17000 ft. Defences were a very light heavy flak barrage. Plenty of fighters were seen and F/O Short was attacked by 3 Ju 88s in the target area. But no personal injuries were sustained. Dummy TIs were seen approximately 20 miles from the town on the run in. F/L Norem and F/O Exel are missing from this operation. All the remaining aircraft returned safely.

    For this attack on Chemnitz Bomber Command detailed a total of 760 aircraft - 498 Lancasters, 256 Halifaxes, 6 Mosquitos - to continue Operation Thunderclap. The operation started badly when 9 aircraft of No 6 Group crashed near their bases soon after taking off in icy conditions. No 426 Squadron, at Linton-on-Ouse, lost 3 out of their 14 Halifaxes taking part in the raid in this way, with only 1 man surviving. 1 of the Halifaxes crashed in York, killing some civilians. 22 further aircraft were lost in the main operation - 14 Lancasters and 8 Halifaxes.

    Allied bombing destroyed 41 per cent of the built-up area of Chemnitz during the War. Chemnitz contained factories that produced military hardware and a Flossenburg forced labour subcamp (500 female inmates) for Astra-Werke AG. The Oil refinery was a target for bombers during the war as well.

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