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  • German lovely condition small flare case maker marked dated 1944 with white stripe used by the soldiers in the 12th SS Panzer Division recovered in 2007 in the Ardennes Forest, village of Krinkelt, attacked by them during the Battle of the Bulge

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    This is a lovely condition fired German small flare case which is maker marked dated 1944 with a white stripe and we know which night it was probably fired during the night of 17-18 December 1944 dont know that for shaw obviously but there is a good chance it was then in the middle of the attackThe case is complete with most of its original black stamped markings that is all pretty clear to see it retains a lot of its original colour and paintwork it does have a bit of discolor and damage including a dent from being buried but nothing to bad it is in semi-relic condition at worst very well preserved by the Forest it was buried in it has been nicely cleaned and are perfect for display or any collection. The case would have been used by soldiers in the 12th SS Panzer Division it was recovered in 2007 from the the woods in the Ardennes Forest outside the village of Krinkelt which was attacked on the 17-18 December by them during the Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944-1945. 

    A happy Waffen SS Leibstandarte solider ...