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  • Extremely rare German MP40 machine gun cleaning kit tin lovely condition relic used by a soldier in 9th Panzer Division recovered from River Rhine at Bad Honnef, March 1945 battle the German counter attack on the Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen

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    This is a extremely rare find from the battlefield a German MP40 machine gun cleaning kit tin these were only made in very small numbers compared to the K98 rifle ones . The tin has the extra brush holder in the lid which was only used in the MP40 cleaning tins this is how we know it is deferentially a MP40 kit tin it is with lots of its original silver colour and black paintwork and has a maker stamp on one end which is a bit dirty with some silt still attached from being in the river.The tin is in nice solid condition it is discolored in places with some small amount of damage knocks and dents and a few small holes one of the lids still opens the other one is stuck solid on the inside it still has all its original steel colour,fantastic condition and overall lovely condition tin for relic which is 5 inches long .The tin has been nicely cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection. The tin would have been used by a soldier of the 9th Panzer Division. The tin was recovered from the River Rhine near the Town of Bad Honnef this area was attacked by them on the 11th March 1945 during the German counter attack against the American 311th Regiment to try and re capture the Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen which had been captured 4 days early.The tin comes with 2xA5 laminated information card which shows the cleaning kit and the exact location where it was found.

    The 9th Panzer Division was a Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht that was badly destroyed in Russia. Returning to France to rebuild in 1944, the division was rushed to counter Operation Overlord. It was destroyed several successive times by British and American forces as the German Army was pushed back across Europe. The division suffered massive casualties in armor and personnel until it finally collapsed in March 1945. The division's few survivors were pushed into the Ruhr pocket where they surrendered to the Allies at the end of the war.


    German Soldier Cleaning MP40, WW2 [795x1023] : r/MilitaryPorn