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  • British cavalry soldiers mess tin relic condition some original colour recovered in 2012 from the River Ancre at Beaumont-Hamel on the July-November 1916 battlefield on the Somme

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    This is a very nice find from the battlefield a British cavalry soldiers mess tin it is not complete but unusual to  get in this condition. The tin is solid but not super solid it is rusty with some rust damage it has been nicely cleaned but the rare bit it still has some of its original aluminium colour that can be seen it has been very well cleaned and cleaned up nice it is perfect for display or any collection and very rare to find from the battlefield in this good a condition it has been well protected by the silt in the bottom of the river. The relic was recovered in 2012 from the River Ancre at Beaumont-Hamel on the Somme battlefield the area of the famous attack on the 1st July 1916 the very large British offensive this area was also attacked by troops from the Newfoundland regiment but all attacks were repulsed and the area stayed in German hands until November 1916.This item comes with a A5 laminated information card. 

     The Capture of Beaumont-Hamel was a tactical incident that took place during the battle of the Somme (1 July – 18 November 1916) in the Battle of the Ancre (13–18 November) during the second British attempt to take the village. The village had been attacked on 1 July, the first day of the Somme and the German 2nd Army defeated the attack, inflicting many British and Newfoundland Regiment casualties. By early November, the British in the south were ready to attack northwards towards the Ancre river, simultaneous with an attack eastward on the north side of the river to capture Beaumont-Hamel and Serre-les-Puisieux. On 13 November, during the Battle of the Ancre in thick fog, the 51st Highland Division outflanked Beaumont-Hamel on both sides and forced the garrison to surrender.


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