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    This is a very rare German Soldier of the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend M40 single decal helmet still with the remains of a single decal still visible and still has a large amount of green paint remains all over the helmet inside and outside very clear to see and a very nicely cleaned relic fairly smooth to the touch and has been treated with a varnish to help preserve it and bring out the paintwork.The helmet we know is SS because the decal is on the right side of the helmet where all other German helmets the decal is on the left hand side only SS had the symbol on the right and in the shield you can see there is no eagle on the edges you can see so had to be SS in the middle of it the helmet is in relic and rusty condition with some rust holes and some rust damage down one side but still very solid overall.The helmet has no leather liner or chin strap but does have the liner ring with chin strap holders still in place it has been very nicely cleaned to still have so much paint and a decal still showing is amazing and very rare especially SS it is still very solid not braking up or crumbling and is perfect for display or any collection.The helmet was recovered near Evrecy which was there assembly area on the 6th June in Normandy 1944.A very nice and very rare SS relic from the famous Normandy battlefield.The helmet comes with a A5 laminated information card with pictures

    The 12th ss Panzer division's advance to the areas near the British–Canadian landing beaches of Sword and Juno beaches proceeded slowly due to Allied air attacks. The first units of the 12th SS finally reached their assembly area near Evrecy at 22:00 hours on 6 June. Once they arrived and moved into position north-west of Caen. They first saw action on the morning of 7 June 1944 as part of the German defensive operations at Caen against the Canadians after battles in Normandy the Division had suffered 80 per cent losses.


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