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  • Rare Austro-Hungarian Army Lakos improvised pipe hand grenade nice solid relic recovered in the Alps mountains ,Italian front 1915-1918

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    This is a very rare find from the battlefield a improvised pipe bomb made properly late war when materials were running low. The bomb which is a complete outer case with no insides at all and it is empty and inert. This is a nice example of a troop made hand grenade you can see the screw thread inside where the top screwed on it has cleaned up very well it is rusty but with no real damage or holes the grenade is 6 half inches long and 1 half inch wide it is perfect for display or any collection and not the easiest of finds from the battlefield these days now and to prove how rare i have never had one before from a World War 1 southern battlefield. The grenade was n the Alps mountains which is why it is in such good condition well preserved in the ice on the Italian front battlefield of 1915-1918.

    The Italian front or Alpine front involved a series of battles at the border between Austria-Hungary and Italy, fought between 1915 and 1918. By October 1918, Italy finally had enough soldiers to mount an offensive. The attack targeted Vittorip Veneto, across the Piave. The Italian Army broke through a gap near Sacile and poured in reinforcements that crushed the Austro-Hungarian defensive line. On 31 October, the Italian Army launched a full scale attack and the whole front began to collapse. On 3 November, 300,000 Austro-Hungarian soldiers surrendered.

    Austro-Hungarian Hand Grenades of the Great War Part One – The Rohr  Stielhandgranate | With the British Army in Flanders & France