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    This is a extremely rare very nice large internal part a pipework connector block from the bow or battery section of British midget Submarine X-7.The part is in fantastic condition it still retains a lot of original colours and has been very well cleaned it does have a bit of damage from the crash this large heavy bit of  is in nice solid condition it is perfect for display or any collection it stands 12 inches long by 8 inches wide. This is a fantastic condition part from the bow or battery section of British midget Submarine X-7 which was sunk attacking the Battleship Tirpitz on the 22nd September 1943 the submarine was recovered in 1974 in Norway.This part comes with 2x laminated A5 information sheets with information and photos. 

    Godfrey Place took command of X7, one of three midget submarines assigned to attack the German battleship Tirpitz in Kaa Fiord, Norway, on 22 September 1943. During the attack, the X7 twice became entangled in anti-torpedo nets but broke free and surfaced close to the Tirpitz. It struck the German battleship's side and slid under the keel, where Place released his starboard explosive charge. He then went astern for some 200 feet and dropped the port charge. As Place tried to get away, X7 was again caught in the nets and came under fire, eventually being shaken free by the explosion of the charges. With compasses and diving gauges out of action, Place decided to abandon ship. Two of the crew were drowned and Place and another officer became prisoners of war. The attack immobilised the Tirpitz for several months. Although the Germans were able to salvage the rear part of the vessel at the time, they failed to find this bow section.

    Badly battle-damaged bow and battery section of the midget submarine X-7. Although the Germans raised the stern section of X-7 following the attack on the Tirpitz on 22 September 1943, they failed to find the remainder of the vessel. This was susequently found by a British Sub Aqua Club expedition during their search for the X-5 (not found) in 1974. The remains were relocated again in 1976 and raised from 160 feet of water, when they were confirmed as being those of X-7; several original artefacts were found within the vessel, including Godfrey Place's Sextant

    The X-7 Submarine was sunk in September 1943 during an unsuccessful attack on the Tirpitz although several mines carried by the X-7 detonated the ship did not sink. The concussion from the explosions did however break most of the crockery and other items carried onboard and it was dumped overboard after the attack and some of the items ended up of the lakebed after she was sunk. 

    German battleship Tirpitz at anchor in the Norwegian Fjords.[4054 × 2310] :  r/WorldOfWarships75th anniversary of the last VCs won by submariners