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  • German 76.2mm high explosive shell fired by PAK[36]r anti-tank gun dated 1944 lovely condition nice solid relic recovered from a Lake East of Bastogne from battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944-1945.

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    This is a Complete German 76.2mm high explosive shell fired by PAK[36]r anti-tank gun which is the captured Russian 76.2mm ZIS 3 gun  The complete shell with its projectile that is blown and missing its top section it looks like it has been fired and exploded it sits in the case nicely but is very tight to go right in more cleaning needed and has some original black paintwork remains and brass driving band.The steel brass wash shell case is in relic but solid condition with no holes and lots of original colour and has most of its maker markings that can be seen including dated 1944 and waffen stamp very clear on the bottom of the case. The shell case has remains of its original steel colour and brass wash that can been seen clearly in patches but has discolored not to badly from being in the lake nicely protected in the silt but also still with some dirt attached but not much the case has been very well cleaned it is perfect to display and a rare one for any collection. The shell is completely empty and inert was recovered from a Lake East of Bastogne from battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944-1945 and comes with A5 laminated information card.

    The shell  was found with Tiger 1 tank parts from a tank in the only Wehrmacht unit with Tiger 1 tanks in the whole battle and offensive 14 of them most were destroyed. They were in the 4th Company of Schwere Panzer Abteilung 506 also the 26th Volksgrenadier Division and elements of the Panzer Lehr Division were there in the battle.

    The crew of a German 76.2-mm anti-tank gun PaK 36 (r) (7.62 cm PaK 36 (r) -  conversion from captured Soviet cannons F-22) is firing on the Soviet-German  front. Army Group Center.