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  • Fantastic condition engine piston in its sleeve with all original colors from inside Merlin engine on Mark 3 RAF Lancaster bomber number JA851 of 49 Squadron it was shot down on 18th August 1943 while on a raid on the rocket facility at Peenemünde

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    This is a very nice rare bit of Merlin engine from a RAF Lancaster bomber.This is a fantastic condition internal engine part of one of the aircraft's 4 Merlin engines this engine was recovered from the River bank this is why the parts are in such good condition.This part is a engine piston which is still stuck in its sleeve maybe could be freed up to remove with more cleaning the conrod which is not complete missing its top bracket part but other then that the piston is complete and lovely condition the piston its self has some markings on the top partly clear to see the sleeve and has bent and dented from the impact of the crash but nothing to bad it is still very solid not braking up at all it still has all of its original colours and has been very well cleaned it is in fantastic condition and is a very rare part from this famous aircraft which is perfect for display or any collection and a rare one for the collection this nice engine part comes with 2xA5 laminated information cards one with a picture of the crash site.The piston comes from RAF Lancaster bomber number JA851 of 49 Squadron it was shot down at 2.56am of 18th August 1943 while on a raid on the V1 and V2 rocket facility at Peenemünde. The Lancaster bomber was shot down by German night ace Oberleutnant Hans Meissner in his Messerschmitt 110. The plane crashed into the Riverbank at Hallesogard 5km west of Norborg in Denmark. 

    The Lancaster bombers were on the return flight from a bombing raid on the German Experimental Station for V1 and V2 rockets at Peenemünde. This was the first of 3 Lancaster bombers shot down in 15 minutes over South Jutland by the same German ace night fighter pilot Oberleutnant Hans Meisner who flew a Messerschmitt Bf 110G4 from 2nd Group of Nachtjagergeschwader 3, Jagel Airfield near Schleswig.


    Lancaster Under Attack By Robert Taylor - Aviation Art – Wings Fine Arts