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  • British shrapnel shell number 85 fuse trench art possibly candle holder dated 1916,nice condition found many years ago on on the Somme battlefield of 1916-1918

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    British high shrapnel shell number 85  fuse this brass head which was fitted to a few shells including the famous 18 pounder gun artillery shrapnel shells nice condition for recovered relic turned in to trench art possibly candle holder it has a holder welded to the tip of the head. The shell fuse still with some of its original markings also dated 1916 and numbers all fairly clear to read and has all of its original dirty brass colour also some original shiny brass as well in places it has been very well cleaned this head has been fired with some damage underneath from that and the top part has trench arted it is perfect for display and a cracking find in this condition this head has been found many years ago on the Somme battlefield of 1916-1918  in France. A very iconic item from a very famous battlefield.

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    This fuze was mainly used with the shrapnell shells of the :

    • QF 13 pdr field guns (3 inches - 76 mm),
    • QF 18 pdr field guns (3.3 inches - 84 mm),