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    This is a unbelievable rare Track link section from German King Tank famously disabled in the centre of Berlin.This is a blown section of large track link it is rusty but still very solid it is relic but has cleaned up very well and has the maker marks on one edge also the cleats on it are perfect as the link was never used it was a spare carried by tank but the very rare bit is the clear camouflage paintwork still clearly visible on it as it was a spare one attached to the turret it was painted the same colour as the Tank the link was hit by a shell during the battle which has ripped it apart this section is 14 inches long.This Track Link has come from German King Tank turret number 101 of SS Nordland Division knocked out on the Potsdamer Platz knocked out during the fighting in the battle of Berlin in April 1945.This is a very nice and very rare relic from the battle of Berlin its self in the city centre and with such full history available.This link was recovered from a scrap yard in Charlottenburg Bahnhof. The authenticity of this statement is proven by the fact that this tank was the only King Tiger Tank to be scrapped at this yard. History states that there was approximately only 10 King Tiger Tanks that took part in the Battle of Berlin in April 1945.

    This link with a few others was found many years ago in the yard that was situated in the British sector of Berlin, during the Cold War, and had been long abandoned. This area was a scrap yard from 1945 to approximately 1948. This was where many tanks from the Battle were cut up and scrapped. The area was used by the Allies as a transportation hub for shipping tanks to East and West.King Tiger Tank no. 101 was commanded by SS- Oberscharfuhrer Karl Heinz Turk. The tank was hit by Russian shells and burned in the Potsdamer Platz for a couple of days. After the War, the Tank was put on display by the 1/7th Queens Royal Regiment, 131 Lorried Infantry Brigade, part of the 7th Armoured Division. The tank formed part of the Berlin Victory Parade. There was a British parade in July 1945; the main parade was on 7th September 1945.

    This item comes with 4 laminated cards with many photos and information on the tank and the battle..A very nice and rare relic in as found condition from this famous battle in the last days of the war.Below King Tiger 101 on the Potsdamer Platz in April 1945.Look at the paintwork on the link to the colour photo of the Tank the paintwork still looks near the same after 70 years.

    Image result for king tiger potsdamer platzImage result for German King Tank  on the Potsdamer Platz