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  • Fired during the battle a British 3 inch stokes mortar round lovely clean relic some original paintwork recovered many years ago in Delville Wood the July - September 1916 battlefield on the Somme.

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    This is a British 3 inch stokes mortar round or bomb which is in very nice condition for relic. The top plate is missing the bottom one does not move it has rusted solid the mortar bomb is empty and inert the whole bomb is very solid with some light pitting it does still have some remains of its original colour on the inside not on the outside the bomb has been very nicely cleaned it is in very solid condition very rare to get one of these from the battlefield in this good a condition it has been very well cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection.The mortar bomb was recovered many years ago in Delville Wood the July - September 1916 battlefield on the Somme.

    The Battle of Delville Wood (15 July – 3 September 1916) was a series of engagements in the 1916 Battle of the Somme between the armies of the German Empire and the British Empire. Delville Wood (Bois d'Elville), was a thick tangle of trees, chiefly beech and hornbeam (the wood has been replanted with oak and birch by the South African government), with dense hazel thickets, intersected by grassy rides, to the east of Longueval. As part of a general offensive starting on 14 July, which became known as the Battle of Bazentin Ridge (14–17 July), General Douglas Haig Commander of the British expeditionary force intended to capture the German second position between Delville Wood and Bazentin le Petit.

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