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    This is a very rare battle of Britain uniform part this is a original German Luftwaffe flying helmet taken at the time from a bomber pilot shot down and captured.This helmet does have some damage from when he bailed out of his stricken aircraft  it has its maker label inside and has the hand written name of the pilot in the front of it the helmet is in very nice condition overall and a cracking bit of history. The helmet came from an antique in Boston in Lincolnshire they had bought it in from a local family who' grandfather was a member of the home guard who took the aircrew prisoner of war and he took the helmet from the pilot and kept it as a souvenir.

    The helmet belonged to Oberleutnant F.Rinck who was the staffelkapitan and flew JU88 bomber number 2280 which was shot down by anti aircraft fire during an attack on Grantham and made a forced landing at Tiley's Lane near Boston in Lincolnshire at 3.30pm on Monday 27th January 1941 the crew set the plane on fire and were then captured.