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  • German soldiers half dog tag with some markings, 2nd company Motorised infantry replacement battalion 28 part of 8th infantry division recovered in Bohemia and Moravia 1945 battlefield

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    This is a German soldiers complete dog tag which is for the 2nd company Motorised infantry replacement battalion 28 part of 8th infantry division of the Wehrmacht. This is a aluminium made early war production tag this is the half dog tag it is in very nice solid condition for a relic with its markings mostly readable it is very dirty and damaged from being buried also has been ripped apart either in battle or while buried it has been nicely cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection and a very nice tag from this late war battlefield. The dog tag was recovered from the battlefield in Bohemia and Moravia 1945 which is modern day Czech Republic it was captured by the Russians in May 1945. The tag comes from a very large private collection of dog tags recovered some many years ago from all over Europe from most of the fronts fought on by the German Army in World War 2.

    2 / Motorised infantry replacement battalion 28 dog tag, Replacement battalion 28 was responsible for reinforcing the 8th infantry division which took part in the invasion of Poland, Belgium, France as well as taking part in the Moscow Offensive as part of Army Group Centre. The 28th was eventually split between reserve-Jager battalion 28 and Jager replacement battalion 28 with the 8th infantry division being redesignated to the 8th light infantry then again to the 8th Jager. They surrendered to the Russians in Moravia in 1945.

    The Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia was a partially annexed territory of Nazi Germany established on 16 March 1939 following the German occupation of Czechoslovakia  on 15 March 1939.The Protectorate was a nominally autonomous Nazi-administered territory which the German government considered part of the greater German Reich. The state's existence came to an end with the surrender of the German Army to the Russians in 1945.And is now modern day Czech Republic where the dog tag was recovered.


    German soldiers dog tag blank unused zinc made recovered from Berlin 1945  battle in the last days of the Reich | Relics from the Front