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  • Blown and bent up control cable reel side attached nice solid relic from German Goliath tracked mine which was used during Warsaw Uprising of August – October 1944 recovered from Russian dump site pit outside Warsaw in Poland

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    This is a very find from the battlefield which there is not much about these days part of a group of parts from the famous German Goliath tracked mine. This is a Blown control cable reel side which has ripped and bent over by an explosion it is rusty but still very solid it is relic but has cleaned up very nicely it is perfect for display and a rare one for or any collection and is 8 inches long and there is a picture on the card of where the part went. The reel was used by German Goliath tracked mine which was used during Warsaw Uprising of August – October 1944. This is part of a group of parts from a Goliath captured by the Polish Home Army and stripped down for its internal explosive to be used against the Germans in the battle. After the war in 1946 a number of these Goliaths which were stripped apart were blown up and buried in a pit outside the city by the Russian Army. This reel was recovered from that pit outside Warsaw in Poland and comes with a A5 laminated information card.8

    Communist underground resistance movement initiated the Warsaw uprising to liberate the city from the German occupation and reclaim Polish independence. The impetus for the military action was the ongoing retreat of the German forces from Poland, followed by the appearance of the Soviet Red Army View This Term in the Glossary along the east bank of the Vistula River. By October 2, 1944, the Germans had suppressed the uprising, deporting civilians to concentration and forced-labour camps and reducing Warsaw to ruins.

    What killstreaks would you like to see added? If like to see this remote  control anti tank/personel mine as a version of the RCXD this was widely  used by the German army