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  • German optics or range site part with maker markings rare part recovered in Chatel Wood in the area of Alvin York medal of honor winner from the Meuse Argonne Forest the 1918 battlefield

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    This is a German optics or range site part with maker markings a very large and rare part which is metal and brass made and has numbers and stamps very clear to see on the brass fittings. The part which looks pretty much complete it has no moving parts and has non of its original paintwork left the part is 16 inches long by 10 inches wide it has been very well cleaned it is not braking or falling apart and is perfect for display or any collection. The range site was recovered in Chatel Wood in the area the battle was fought where American soldier Alvin York won his medal of honor from the Meuse Argonne Forest the 1918 battlefield.

    In October 1918, as a newly-promoted corporal, York was one of a group of seventeen soldiers assigned to infiltrate German lines and silence a machine gun position. After the American patrol had captured a large group of enemy soldiers, German small arms fire killed six Americans and wounded three. York was the highest ranking of those still able to fight, so he took charge. While his men guarded the prisoners, York attacked the machine gun position, killing several German soldiers with his rifle before running out of ammunition. Six German soldiers charged him with bayonets, and York drew his pistol and killed all of them. The German officer responsible for the machine gun position had emptied his pistol while firing at York but failed to hit him. This officer then offered to surrender and York accepted. York and his men marched back to their unit's command post with more than 130 prisoners. York was immediately promoted to sergeant and was awarded the Distinguished service cross. An investigation resulted in the upgrading of the award to the Medal of Honor. York's feat made him a national hero and international celebrity among allied nations.