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  • Blown in half Russian blockade hand grenade parts still with black paintwork remains used by soldiers in the 42nd rifle corps recovered in Pushkin from the siege of Leningrad battlefield 1943-1944

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    This is a pair of parts from Russian blockade hand grenade which is a converted mortar shell to be used as makeshift grenade by the Russian Army this one properly made in Leningrad its self the grenade parts are completely empty and inert. The grenade parts are 2 sections of half a blockade grenade the of outer case which is not complete and have broken or blown apart from use by the looks of it. The grenade steel case parts one with a bake rite plug end both which still retains some original colour and lot of there original black paintwork the case parts are a bit pitted with no rust holes the parts are in very nice condition they are very solid not braking up or falling apart and a pair of cracking condition relics that have been very well cleaned and are perfect for display or any collection. The grenade parts were recovered near the town of Pushkin from the siege of Leningrad battlefield of 1943-1944.This area was defended by the Russian 42nd rifle corps part of the 14th Army in fighting against the German L army corps.The parts come with A5 laminated information card with picture.

    Russian WW2 "Blockade" Hand Grenade, in other words, 5cm mortar shell which had tail removed and was threaded to take an F-1 type grenade fuze. These are reffered to as Blocade grenades as many of them were manufactured during the siege of Leningrad. In fact these are economy grenades that initially Russo-Finish war in Finland.

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