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  • Rare German complete star shell a night illumination round,case dated 1944 fired by 10.5cm Flak 38 anti-aircraft gun recovered from old costal artillery position on the Atlantic wall defense system near the port of Saint Malo in France August 1944 battle

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    This is a rare German complete star shell a night illumination round fired by 10.5cm Flak 38 anti-aircraft gun. The projectile is near totally complete it even has is base plug but this is stiff to get in and out the top fuse is stuck in place as well.  The projectile with no major damage but the driving band has been partly cut away after recovery it retains of some of its original colours places it is rusty but very solid but does not sit in the case as the case has rust damage The case is steel made it is in relic but solid condition it has some rust holes and damage mostly around the top the rare bit it still has remains of its original brass wash the case has maker markings and dated 1944 that can be seen on the base it has been very well cleaned it is perfect to display or and a rare one for any collection. The shell is empty and inert and was recovered from Kriegsmarine costal artillery position on the Atlantic wall defense system near the port of Saint Malo in France and were properly worn by one of the Krigsmarine soldiers on the gun crews of the wall defences. The case comes with A5 laminated information card.

    The battle for the walled city Saint Malo and the fortress positions began on August 4 1944 Allied intelligence had believed that there were 1000 German soldiers holed up in the area enclosed by the old walls and had bombed it heavily, however, when the city surrendered on August 14 only 83 German soldiers were taken prisoner. The commander of Fortress Saint-Malo, Colonel Von Aulock, surrendered all German forces in the area on August 17th 1944.

    Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-621-2942-17, Schwere Flak einer Küstenbatterie.jpg